Is it me or are Chileans and Uruguayans different from the rest of Latin America?


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When I visited Chile and Uruguay I noticed they were different than the rest of Latin America. They didn’t go out to clubs a lot, it was more about bars, lounges, and pubs. The cities were not as festive as the ones in Brazil, Mexico or Colombia. The people were interested in things likes science, economics and politics. Most of the college students I met were studying engineering or economics.
The most festive people I met in Chile were the Peruvian immigrants! The town in Southern Chile looked like little Swiss towns. I mean the country did not have that Latin flavor at all. The closest I got to Latin was with immigrants from other Latin countries or the youth who listened to a bit regaeton. Most of the musical acts sounded funky like Red Hot Chili Peppers or British like Artic Monkeys. The style in Chile is more London-esque. It’s weird. There was hardly any salsa music, a little cumbia but not much like its neighboring nations.
Your thoughts.

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Every latin country has it’s unique style & food/music/culture etc….the only thing that really connects them or that they have in common is the spanish language…..


Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina, the Southern Cone, are demographically different from most of Latin America. The population is mostly of European ancestry. The Indians were killed off rather quickly, and there were only a few slaves. Historically, they’ve been the most prosperous of Latin American countries. As such they attracted large numbers of European immigrants, who brought their own culture. What we think of as Latino culture is mix of Spanish and Indian cultures. The Swiss looking towns you saw were probably inhabited by Swiss or German immigrants and their descendants.

Ah! They’re more cultured and intellectual — what a nice contrast. They have probably have more college-educated people, and what you describe would be the result. Also some countries have more of a Caribbean influence, and Mexico is very heavily influenced by the US, sadly.

Chile and other southern South American countries are farther removed from the US geographically and culturally, as well as being separate from other SA countries by the Andes and the Amazon basin. This may have fostered the creation of their own unique cultures.

What do others think?

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