After a lucrative career in Hollywood, who entered politics and was elected Governor of California in 1966?


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Selena :

After a lucrative career in Hollywood, who entered politics and was elected Governor of California in 1966?
Ronald Reagan
George H. Bush
John F. Kennedy
none of the above

Which of the following was a powerful political coalition that formed during the 1980s?
New Right
Supply-Side Economics

______ boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
Soviet Union and East Germany
Latin America

Which military leader was involved with the Iran-contra Affair?
General Norman Schwarzkopf
General Colin Powell
Lt. Colonel Oliver North
Lt. William Calley

Who was a Conservative judge who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President George H. Bush and endured controversial testimony due to a sexual harassment scandal?
Sandra Say O’Conner
Clarence Thomas
Adlai Stevenson
William Travis

Can someone help me? I left my notes at school. :(

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Regan became governor in 1966

I am not sure on the coalition, but if SDI is strategic defense initiative, that’s it

The soviets and other Warsaw-pact nations boycotted the 1984 olympics

Oliver North was involved in Iran-contra

Clarence Thomas had to go through a sexual harassment scandal


If you have the internet, you don’t need your notes. At least just look all this stuff up on Wikipedia!


The answer to your second question would probably be the new right.
Although the televangelists began dabbling in politics, their political coalition would have been called the christian coalition or the moral majority. Supply side economics also would not be called a political coalition, but rather one of their policies. SDI wouldn’t be a coalition, but more like a project.

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