What best prepared middle-class Americans during the Great Depression in efforts to avoid unemployment?

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sheena :

Owning a farm
Frequently changing jobs
Playing the stock market

The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 warned European nations throughout the 19th – 21C that they needed to do what?

The United States would no longer honor political alliances with Europe
The doctrine warned that the US would not trade in Asia
The doctrine promoted trade with Africa
That Europe should remain out of the politics of the Latin America republics as these nations were within the sphere of influence and protection of the United States

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Hints on the first 4:
Dust Bowl
Jobs were hard to find, and sometimes only temporary.
Law of supply and demand (how many graduates were there versus available jobs?)
Stock market speculation was one of the causes of the Great Depression.

Here’s a clue: The Monroe doctrine is ironic when compared to the current administration’s policy in Iraq.

Finally, you might consider posting under Homework help. These are history questions rather than geography questions.

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