BA with Politics/International Studies and Sociology?

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PaulD :

This course combination (double major) is what I’m considering following at university next year. I am New Zealand by citizenship, live in Australia and want a degree that I can add to with postgraduate qualifications in the humanities and also make use of being multilingual (a work in progress; I am learning Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese). Also I want to eventually live and establish my career in a Latin American country (I have a slight obsession with the continent, people, languages, history)

I do not desire a position in politics, I rather prefer a “ground level” job working with the public in the real interests of the public and plan to take units in my studies related to international aid, development and multicultural studies. Currently thinking: translator, diplomat, international development worker, community development, sociologist.

Can someone be my careers adviser and help me decide what to study? :)
I understand knowledge about Westerners working in Latin America may be in short supply, but please tell me what you have. Thanks.


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Think about international relations and world languages. Good luck!

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