Could a nation be prosperous without separating religion from politics?


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Yo tengo el POWER MEXICANO :

I think the answer is not… In fact, this was one of the things that made the US a powerful country… In Latin America the Catholic Church always tried to take our governments down…
Do you know what the European Community is?

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That’s because you really don’t understand anything, but the US. The U.K. has a national Church, and their currency is worth more so that means they have a better economy than the US.


Religion has a big influence in US politics. Whether you like it or not, its “morals” are certainly religion based.

I think this is why countries with more secular politics tend to do better.

edit: when I say better, I mean more balanced. The US may be rich, but MANY of its citizens are dirt poor and the government does nothing to support them. This is not a good system if you ask me.


See Albania circa 1946.

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