People of Politics, do you care about the future plight of white people?

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Ginger man. :

I sure do.

“Some of this race mixing makes disgusts me. A nice red head married a dark mestizo a few years ago . Yuck!!! And her kids don’t look like her mommy.

Asian countries for Asians, Black countries for blacks and white countries for everyone.

Look at Argentina. Up until 1980, there was no crime, but then illegals from Peru and Bolivia started to come and boom… Buenos Aires is now Brown Aires. Uruguay will be the next white nation to go down in Latin America.

Now look at America. Same story. These illegals are destroying the U.S. Look at the prisons. Nothing but illegals and Chicanos locked up.

Argentina, America, Uruguay, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Canada.

Why do brown Mexicans always trash white nations with crime and drain our economy.

And finally, Europe. Muslims are destroying our ancestral homeland. These Muslims are raping our beautiful white girls and converting them. So disgusting.

It’s a shame that we whites can’t have our own homogeneously white country for ourselves. It sucks.

In South Africa, whites are being murdered left and right.”
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yes, white people are being discriminated against and nobody seems to care

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