What would happen if the US military did not intervene in Latin and Southern American politics?


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Trevor :

I am very interested in Latin America’s history, as well as South America’s… And I’ve discovered a constant within all the revolutions and wars throughout Latin America’s bloody history…
The United States backed several dictators, who began to violate countless human rights violations AND murder thousands…
Augusto Pinochet- Chile
Jorge Rafael Videla- Argentina…. Operation Condor backed by FBI
Anastasio Somoza- Nicaragua
Fulgencio Batista- Cuba

I have a simple question…What the fuck? Why did we allow this to happen? Was it because we were so horrified of communism? Political propaganda at its finest…let’s through out the liberal, leftist, Marxist and replace him with a ruthless dictator…

I’d like to hear some of your opinions on this. Did the US government do what was right or did they do the opposite?

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They would be in a lot better shape than they are now.

Niño ★

Well the Soviets would have more influence in the region it was during the cold war the usa backed right wing dictators as the soviet union along with cuba(under castro) would support left wing communists/guerrillas
but i agree this was a shameful time in history

and operation condor was backed by the CIA not FBI lol

Slappy B

The Dark Races would overwhelm our Christian principality and subjugate us. Then the Muslims would fight the Darks, and then we would have World War III. England would emerge as the victor. Then we would become a British colony again.

Matthew D

Business interests played a part. So did geopolitics. Gotta keep the big red dog away!

paul s

you pretty much nailed it. Did they do right? I suppose that depends on your view of communism. I am strongly anti-Communist. Even in Venezuela there are no jobs and no food in the stores so it is hard to say. Both are terrible realities but I believe it is far easier to a nation to improve if it is not communist.

Pluto C. Rat

The outdated Monroe Doctrine will explain it. The US got jealous of (then colonizing and warring) European countries stealing Latin American resourses, and wanted to steal the resources themselves. So, the Monroe Doctrine provided the “war resource” for the US to lock out thieving European countries.

The practice of locking out European invaders is outdated, however, as European invaders no longer exist. Only the US invader exists today. The US backs whatever dictator forks over Latin American resources to rich class US.


There wouldn’t be a rampant heroin/ cocaine/ice/meth etc etc epidemic. It was allowed to happen because the profiteers also own the media and have always been in control. No doubt, and hopefully not to long now, it will emerge that the CIA are cleaning up the profits of, and not destruction of the booming poppy crop in Afghanistan.

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